The Académie Bach is a cultural association based in the Dieppe-Maritime agglomeration.  Its activity revolves around three major axes:

-          A summer festival

-          A concert season

-          Many pedagogical and socio-cultural initiatives & activities

The Académie Bach’s artistic field is that of Early Music, understood here in a broad sense, which includes any undertaking that is concerned with the “historically informed performance”, from the Middle Ages to the first half of the XXth century. Since its inception in 1997, the Académie Bach has been at the origin of the creation and development of many artistic projects, which now rank among the most renowned ones.

This unique experience has fuelled a constantly renewed reflection concerning the sector of Early Music, which favours support to the professional structuring of ensembles. The present state of the performing arts and its perspectives for the future has brought us to set up a system of upstream preparation designed for young musicians studying in higher education, in conservatories, or at university, in order to prepare their entry into the professional world.

To help students make the link between their theme of research and its practical applications, the Académie Bach, supported by the Ministry of Culture (DRAC Haute-Normandie), is putting in place a residency programme of research-creation which will become operational in the fall of 2015.

These residencies are offered to individuals; they are not available, therefore, to already constituted ensembles. They can, however, translate into a collective work, with one project leader being able to gather around him a small group of musicians (up to 4), instrumentalists or singers.

Each residency lasts two weeks (consecutive or not), during which trips, accommodation and meals are covered by the Académie Bach. The musical work in itself takes place on the premises of the Académie Bach in Arques-la-Bataille. During the two-week period, informal encounters with different audiences will be organised in order to encourage exchanges and a concrete transmission of the performers’ musical reflection.

At the end of the residency, the artistic team shall be capable of presenting its work to young audiences in the region (middle schools, high schools, universities, conservatories) in the form of structured concerts. These concerts will be remunerated.

Initially, there will be four residencies of research-creation per year, spread out over the year. Applications can therefore be sent at any point in time to the Académie Bach.

Application file: CV of the candidate undertaking the project and of his/her potential partners, description of the artistic project. Particular attention will be paid to projects of an original nature, as much in the artistic field they wish to explore as in the experimentation to be carried out. The files will be examined by the Académie Bach and music professionals in Haute-Normandie. The selected projects will then lead to the signing of an agreement between the student undertaking the project, his/her institution of higher education, and the Académie Bach.

Please send in your application to the following address: